Artistic "Nurturing" How it has a positive effect on many! w/ Chronic Illnesses

I just came from our Facebook page and it was such a positive feeling for myself (since I am a writer, author, and play and sing) to see 2 NEW BOOKS, as well as even a “Music video” from a couple of our Patient Leaders! I’ve always felt, when all feels like it is feeling apart, I turn to my writing, my music, even used to oil paint, and so forth, that seems to help “purge” the terrible times out of my mind, body and spirit! I know that at times music, and other artistic ventures HELP OTHERS ALSO. It give them hope, helps them relate gives out information, and just usually has a positive effect on those who write, play and so forth, and the others that get to hear, read and/or see how others are using their talents to help others and themselves. I hope in the future in some way we could “work” this into one of our activities. I think we may be pleasantly surprised how many use these types f things to keep from losing hope.


This is a great suggestion, Rhia! There are so many talented people in this community and we can definitely find ways to utilize that in activities. -Graceann


Thanks Graceann! It sure helps me, even just listening to my new CD’s and singing with them or bringing out the old ones that bring back so many awesome memories help to keep me “sane” and hopeful! Hopefully soon this collar bone and shoulder blade will be completely healed! Then I am considering buying a new guitar (since my ex-passed away) took mine! I have to play an electric due to the less harsh strings and not so far to reach around… but I am hopeful the one I am looking at comes with hours and hours of lessons on DVD’s and CD’s, so I hope to pick it up again along with my drums and keyboard.

When I mention “Art”, Nurturing, may help and in fact we have proof, it helps many people especially those alone to find more happiness, be less sad or feel alone. This really INCLUDES “Pets” pups, cats… they truly make a difference!

#arttherapy has saved my life! When the lifey stuff seemed to have gotten way too much power, I was gifted with some fluid art paints. …only to find a passion! I find getting creative allows the life stuff that can cloud my mind, to fade back so I can see the value in choosing to Just B.

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I love this concept a lot!